April, 2008

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)

Bring out the Margaritas, Fajitas, and Coronas because Cinco de Mayo is here! I was just discussing with fellow coworkers how this would be an excellent work theme and we need to make a party out of it. It’s on …Continue reading →

5 products, under $5, 5 days per week

Hey, check this out! At least 5 products will be on sale at BuyCostumes.com for under $5, Monday through Friday! We have discount costumes and super cheap party supplies reduced to price tags less than $5. Some of our best …Continue reading →

Sexy Costumes for a night out on the town

I always thought it would be really fun to have theme nights for girls night out. Every month or as often as your friends get together, have a theme night in place of a regular night out on the town. …Continue reading →

Hot New Sexy Costumes for 2008

We at BuyCostumes.com are proud to announce our New Sexy Costumes for 2008! I realize most of the costumes are currently not available, but who doesn’t want a little sneak peak? If these costumes do not make you excited for …Continue reading →

Speed Racer!

May 9th…it’s going to be a pretty cool day. C’mon!!! Is there anyone who’s not excited to see Mach 5 zippin’ through the finish line??!?!?! I didn’t think so! You know…I’ve been thinking about throwing a small get-together, and I …Continue reading →

Donate your kid’s old Halloween costumes!

It is the same old story every year – your kids wear their Halloween costumes for one Halloween and then want to be something completely different the next year. That’s fine, kid’s interests and tastes change and they outgrow old …Continue reading →

Hot Adult Halloween Costume ideas for 2008

Looking for hot adult Halloween Costumes ideas for 2008? If you want to make a statement, go patriotic! Considering how much attention the primaries are receiving, the fact that we’re going to be witnessing history with either a woman or …Continue reading →

Hooray! The move is complete! (Almost)

Beginning last Wednesday we began moving into our new distribution center. While the main office and call center were up an operational on March 31st, it took a lot more effort to set up a 360,000 sq. ft. warehouse. I’m …Continue reading →

Spring is Here!

We are so happy here at BuyCostumes.com it is Spring that we had to think of a special offer for our customers! We live in Wisconsin and have had a horrible winter. Wisconsin had more snow fall this year than …Continue reading →