August, 2010

Not a California Gurl, but wanna be? How to make your own Katy Perry costume.

No need to travel the world to find the perfect Halloween costume for this year! Any gurl from coast to coast can craft their own sexy pin-up girl costume guaranteed to have the boys sneaking more than a peek. To create your own Katy Perry costume, you will need a few of your own essentials, and a few key pieces from
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What Will I Be for Halloween?

Every year the same question…What Halloween Costume will I wear?Continue reading →

Maureen the Halloween Party Queen: Part 1

(Some of this blog is based on actual events. Some of it is complete fiction. Enjoy. ) I’m Maureen Townsend, party girl extraordinaire, and my favorite soiree season is coming up. A season of mystery, mayhem and marvelous masquerades: Halloween …Continue reading →

No need to peel back the mystery here.

According to the AP.  A man in Washington state is accused of flashing himself and carrying a shotgun while driving around with friends.  Oh, he was also wearing a banana costume.  The full article is available here. This whole story …Continue reading →

And I would have gotten away with it too…

I stumbled across the following the other night: As much as I wish I could take credit for this simplistic brilliance, I cannot.  That being said, it got me thinking; I can’t remember a single Scooby-Doo episode where the villain …Continue reading →

Political Hair

Politicians and their hair have a fabled history.  From the powdered wigs of presidential yore, to the legend that is Lincoln’s beard, to the endless amount of perfection that former presidential candidate John Edwards poured into his now infamous locks; …Continue reading →

Updated: An American Hero Costume!

We loved the story of Steven  Slater, the Flight Attendant who’s grandiose resignation of grabbing two beers and exiting the plane via the emergency slide caught the imagination of people around the world, so our costume gurus put together a …Continue reading →

Steven Slater: American Hero

We’ve got plenty of Flight Attendant and Pilot costumes. Pair any of these with our Beer Stein Purse, and some makeup for his “boo-boo”. Walk around as disgruntled employee and you will be the talk of the party! Continue reading →