October, 2011

Chop Shop: ‘Ghouling’ up your Halloween Decorations

A few weeks ago I reached out to the amazingly talented Ghoul Friday, the namesake behind GhoulFriday.com to see if she might be interested in ‘ghouling’ up some of our awesome Halloween props as a display of what some craftsmanship …Continue reading →

Chop Shop: NeverNude Costume (Arrested Development)

Have you ever watched Arrested Development? It’s a brilliant comedy from the mid-2000′s that was woefully under-appreciated when it aired and was canceled before it’s time. If you haven’t watched it, you should get on that right away. Either way, …Continue reading →

Chop Shop: Hall of Horrors

This edition of the Chop Shop is another guest post by guest blogger Steve Sabellico from HalloweenAddict.com. Today on Chop Shop we’re going to forego the big rooms that get all the attention. No living rooms, no kitchens and certainly …Continue reading →

Real Milwaukee: BuyCostumes.com

We got featured on our local Fox affiliate this morning with a little behind the scenes action at BuyCostumes.com. As part of the “Real Milwaukee” (if you didn’t already know, we’re based out of New Berlin, WI a suburb of …Continue reading →

So, this is what we look like in a Haunted House.

These have been floating around for a few weeks, so I figured I’d finally bring them to our masses. Nightmares Fear Factory is a haunted house that operates in Niagara Falls, Canada, and they’ve come up with one of the …Continue reading →

Chop Shop: The Saw Inspired Bathroom

It’s October and that means it’s time for Halloween parties! But with so many different items on BuyCostumes.com, you don’t want to go for the shotgun approach to decorating. Nothing screams “amateur” than a bunch of unrelated Halloween decorations placed …Continue reading →