The Official Presidential Mask Poll 2012™

1 mask = 1 vote. This poll can be bought! Vote for your favorites by buying one, ten, even 100 masks today!

It’s here! It has returned. Welcome to the The Official Presidential Mask Poll 2012™. For those of you who are uninitiated – since the dawn of the 21st century, has successfully predicted the outcome of every US Presidential Election based on sales of masks featuring the candidates likeness. You read that correct. In 2000 we predicted GW’s victory over Al, GW’s re-election vs. Kerry in 2004, and President Obama triumphing over the veteran McCain in 2008.

In 2008 we took things a step further than we had in the years prior by extending our predictions to that of both the Democratic and Republican primary races. We also took steps to make the poll more accessible to the masses by producing $0.99 paper masks of all available candidates (previously we’d based our predictions on the sale of more expensive latex masks). This year we’re doing it again.

During primary season and continuing through the GOP official nomination, we’ll be tracking sales for Barack Obama Masks, Newt Gingrich Masks, Mitt Romney Masks, Ron Paul Masks, Rick Perry Masks, and Michele Bachmann masks, all available for $0.99 a piece. As a candidate pulls their figurative hat out of the figurative ring, we’ll grey them out from the rankings.

You’ll be able to visit our Official 2012 Presidential Mask Poll™ hub to see which potential candidate, including the incumbent president, Mr. Obama is in the lead based on percentage of total masks sold. You can also take Mr. Obama out of the mix and compare the individual Republican candidates excluding the incumbent, as seen in the screenshot below.

Finally, you can view a 60-day break down of each candidates percentage of total mask sales underneath the Flag graph.

I’ll be posting blog entries often, updating the process of the pull and an coverage we might have seen along with some other great tidbits throughout the election year. We’d love to see your mask photos on our Facebook page and you can check out our Twitter handle for periodic updates as well.

Most importantly though…

Vote early and vote often.

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