Halloween in Canada, Adult Costumes on the rise

The popularity of Halloween among Canadians continues to grow and unlike 20 years ago has become more of a family event. No longer are kids the only ones having all the fun dressing up, and trick-or-treating isn’t the only fun to be had. Halloween parties for adults are all the rage and there’s a costume available to suit any theme party out there. One reason adults are getting into the Halloween spirit is the evolution of the costumes available! The days of a ghost emerging from a sheet with scissor-cut holes for eyes are far gone. Costumes are now much more like apparel and many come in actual sizes instead of just standard one-size-fits all. They’re made with breathable, comfortable fabrics, so gone are the days of sweating uncomfortably or cutting your face on the plastic masks from my childhood. Whether you’re looking for adult costumes, kid’s costumes, pet costumes or party supplies and d├ęcor, Canada has taken Halloween to another level.

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