The Chop Shop: Devil with a Blue Dress On

There’s an oldie out there, by Mitch Ryder. Devil with a Blue Dress On.

Are you familiar with it? Want to spice up some otherwise ‘typical’ costumes this year? Well now you can buy a boombox, crank those beats, and be a devil with a blue dress on – in just three easy steps.

First you need to accessorize properly with our Red Devil Accessory Kit.

Add some sexy red Lady Janes.

And, with a little craftsmanship (read: removing the wings), our True Blue Fairy Light Up Costume is a perfect blue dress – it even has that light-up sparkle to add a little flavor to your spice.

And just like that, you’re a Devil with a blue dress on.

This post was written by , posted on August 11, 2011 Thursday at 4:39 pm

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