We’re Calling It: If Election Was Today Obama Would Beat Romney

Stake in the ground, no joking – if the election were to happen today; Thursday April 12, 2012, Obama would win it. And, we predict that in that instance the losing GOP nominee would be former Governor Mitt Romney. That’s what we’re calling based on the numbers in our 2012 Presidential Mask Poll as they stand right now (you can read our official press release here).

With conservative Rick Santorum pulling out of the race on Tuesday afternoon, the path has been paved for Mitt Romney to receive the inevitable GOP nominee. Sure, Rick put up a great fight (and maybe they’ll be running mates), but much to Newt and Ron’s despair, it’s clear to nearly all involved that Romney is sure to finally have the GOP nomination he so covets. It’s for that reason, we’re comfortable in calling it that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee in the 2012 presidential election.

As of today incumbent Barack Obama holds the lead with 22% of the total votes. While Mitt Romney trails with 21% of the total votes, and Ron Paul is polling 2 percentage points lower at 19%. Newt Gingrich, the 3rd remaining GOP candidate is actually polling 2 percentage points under Santorum at 14% – despite Santorum withdrawing his candidacy.

Not pleased with the numbers? Well, unlike other elections, you have the power to change this one with $1, or $10, or $100. Every mask purchase counts as a vote, and voters displeased with the results can still make considerable change by buying more masks for the candidate of their choice until the poll is reset for the general election. At that point, it’ll be Obama & Biden vs. Romney & Santorum?

So remember: 1 mask = 1 vote, and this poll can be bought!

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