Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Easily recognizable by what are surely the most famous ears in history, Mickey Mouse has captured the hearts of generations of children. Over the past 82 years, Walt Disney’s MVP has inspired movies, clothing, costumes, figurines and all sorts of collectibles. In honor of Mickey’s Birthday, I’ve compliled a few of my all time favorite Mickey Mouse moments. This is, of course, but a brief smattering from a portfolio of fun, but it’s worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to nostalgic value.
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie – where it all began. While the original cartoon may not have the cinematic quality of the Disney films produced today, it definitely made an impact in it’s time, and quickly made it’s way onto the list of the 50 greatest cartoons of all time. Being the first Disney film with synchronized sound, it really gave us a peek into the mischievous side of Mickey when he gave Peg-leg Pete a huge raspberry…. classic.
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse

Sorcerer Mickey

Sorcerer Mickey - With the whimsical score and ultra-animated inanimate objects, Fantasia and the sorcerer’s apprentice took the magic of Disney to all new heights. The chore-gone-astray storyline offered a little bit of solace for every child who cleaned their room by piling every possible object into the closet, and prayed that their mother would never open it. If, after all, Mickey Mouse could make such a curiously innocent mistake, couldn’t anyone? 

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse

Mickey and the Beanstalk

 Beans! He sold the cow for beans?! From Donald Duck trying to eat the cow, to Goofy’s unending optimism, to Mickey’s riding the cork from the champagne bottle, the short Mickey and the Beanstalk created some of the most vivid memories I have of any Mickey cartoon yet. The songs that the Golden Harp and the oafish Giant sing are incredibly catchy and to this day I could probably recite every lyric. This was also the last film in which Mickey Mouse was voiced by Walt Disney himself.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

Mickey's Christmas Carol

Bah Humbug! The Charles Dickens classic story is retold by some of Disney’s most famous characters. The aptly named Scrooge McDuck makes for a perfect Ebenezer and Mickey plays an awesome Bob Cratchit in Mickey’s Christmas Carol. While not nearly as terrifying as the original story, the cartoon version does not fail to drive home the moral of the story – life is too short; live well, love many, and laugh often.
These are just a few of the many wonderfully entertaining cartoons created by Disney over the past 82 years. During that time, Mickey Mouse has seen the world through many difficult times, as well as many fantastic ones, and will most certainly continue to do so in the years ahead.
Time for you to chime in - what is your favorite Mickey Mouse movie/short, or favorite Mickey memory? Post a comment and let us know!
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