Nostalgia: 80′s Costume Ideas

What were the 80′s? A time when neon clothing was fashionable? A time when the Atari video game system was ‘state of the art’? A time when Prince could sing about “partying like it was 1999″ and it seemed like that was ages away?…Bueller?

With Halloween just around the corner, why don’t you give the 80′s a deserving
tribute by dressing up as something iconic from this wonderful decade? Here is a list of our top 5 easy to put together costumes that just scream 80′s.

5. Teen Wolf
Everyone knows the story – Michael J. Fox’s character is horrible at basketball and tired of being “average” (I know, everyone’s biggest worries in life). Luckily, he has the power to turn into a “not so average” 5 foot teenage werewolf, basketball playing machine that can fly through the air and single handedly defeat other high school teams. Kind of like LeBron James in high school, minus the whole being a short werewolf thing. As ridiculous as the movie was, Michael J. Fox’s character makes for a great 80′s throwback costume.

For the full effect, you’ll need to get a yellow basketball jersey, a werewolf makeup and hair kit, some yellow basketball warmup pants, and a long sleeve white shirt (to wear under the jersey).

Everyone’s favorite neighborhood Werewolf

4. 80′s Workout Queen/King
AKA the Jane Fonda fashion revolution, consisted of spandex, headbands, lycra, and anything else that might hurt your fashion sense. These outfits were great for people who wanted to work out and look as ugly as possible doing so. But let’s not beat a dead horse, the 80′s workout queen/king can be a great 80′s nostalgic costume!

To pull this costume together you really need to get some spandex. The brighter the colors, the better. Accessorize the costume with some arm and head sweatbands to complete the look. Try and mismatch colors as much as possible for that perfect 80′s effect.

Wow…just…wow *cringe*

3. Pee Wee Herman
Current legal troubles aside, Pee Wee Herman was one of the biggest child icons of the 80′s. What kid didn’t want to hang out in his Playhouse with all that crazy talking furniture? His unique way of talking, coupled with his childlike antics made kids everywhere love him.

You’ll need a vintage grey suit, red bowtie, and black costume hair coloring for the complete costume.

Probably not his best picture, but tell me again how he ever became popular?

2. Rubik’s Cube
The popularity of this 80′s toy is undeniable, with over 100 million cubes sold in the early 80′s. Adults and children alike were anxious to get their hands on this frustratingly addictive toy.

Can I ask why? This seemingly impossible toy lead to countless hours of frustration and anger in my household. Making any sort of progress on it was next impossible, especially when siblings would mess up any progress made the minute they laid their logic-less little hands on it!

Regardless of my personal feelings on the cube, it still makes a great 80′s throwback costume. To make this costume you’ll need to be a little crafty. Get a big black cardboard box and cut arm and head holes in it. Get appropriate colored construction paper and cut them into squares and cover the box with the paper. You’ll obviously want to measure out the size of the paper squares in relation to how much surface area is on the box so everything looks right.

They should change the name to the “Wasted Hours Cube”

1. Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man

This early video game…thing gobbled up nearly all of my weekly allowance in the 80′s, much like he gobbled up his favorite yellow pellet treats. The goal of the game was great for like-minded Americans…eat everything! Pac-Man wasn’t a picky eater, he would eat anything from ghosts and steroid pellets to fruit and ice cream. The only thing keeping Pac-Man from being overweight was the exercise he got from his constant pursuit of food!

Great instructions on how to make a Pac-Man costume can be found at Coolest Homemade Costumes

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