Unique Costume Ideas For New Trend In Nightclubs

Do you love the nightlife? Love to boogie on the disco round? Then it’s time for you to find a way out of that deep purple haze and get acquainted with the retro revival.

From Farrah’s flirtatious feathered flip to the Malibu Barbie-inspired pale pink pout, you can be sure that the days of disco are back and more luxe than ever! From San Francisco to Vegas to Milwaukee (believe it or not)-nightclubs are getting on the Volkswagen and providing a place for all the Le Freaks to Shake their Groove Thing.

We’re excited about any reason to get dressed up, so when we heard about ‘Carwash’, we had to check it out. Located in the UK, this place takes themed-clubbing to a new level. Be warned: khakis and a polo shirt will deny you access past the front door. You’ll find specifics under the ‘Dress Code’ section of their website, but you can click here for a few suggestions to get you started–all of them are guaranteed to get you funked up.

What do you do when bell-bottoms and platform shoes have taken over? You’re only choice is to get up and get on the scene with the disco theme.

Can you dig it?

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